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What is The Kereru Awhina Project?


Press Release

In late 2003 an Auckland based, not-for-profit group Kaipatiki Project formerly called Kaipatiki Ecological Restoration Project (KERP) recognised the plight of local Kereru (New Zealand's native wood pigeon) on Auckland’s North Shore.

The small community group were determined to reverse this plight and developed The Kereru Awhina (Care) Project hoping to enrich the pigeon’s food supply and habitat by encouraging the planting of fruiting native trees such as puriri, nikau, pigeonwood and kowhai. In addition to this they also began developing education programmes on Kereru for local schools and community groups.

In early 2004 a representative from Kaipatiki Project met with a representative from Warehouse Stationery, positioned just a stone throw away overlooking the Kaipatiki Creek in Beach Haven. Kaipatiki’s passion to save Kereru on Auckland ’s North Shore inspired a partnership between business and not-for-profit to communicate the same messages on a national scale.

The problems faced by Kereru and other bird species are not just isolated to the North Shore but are spread far and wide over the New Zealand mainland. Subsequently the national campaign under the same banner, Kereru Awhina Project was launched in August 2004 to coincide with National Conservation Week.

What is the intent of the project?
  • To promote safe habitats for Kereru
  • To promote back yard feeding of Kereru in urban settings
  • To promote the building of Kereru corridors between rural and urban settings
  • To promote control of browsing and predatory mammals
  • To provide a resource and response centre
  • To provide funding support to projects that meet the criteria of the strategy
What have we done so far?

Very early days so far but the passion is there and the vision is clear, “we want to see more mainland Kereru”. We have selected a team of Kereru experts who will volunteer their expertise and sit on an advisory panel who will dictate the direction of the Project and where we should be focusing our energy and resources.

The resource and response centre is up and running with a free phone 0508 Kereru number.

Plans are underway to release educational tool kits for students and teachers which will be web based.

A wonderful children's book has been written, "As Kuku Slept" written by Erin Devlin. Books and kereru puppets are available from The Kiwi Puppet Company,

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“Tiakina nga manu, ka ora te ngahere Ka ora te ngahere, ka ora nga manu”

“Look after the birds and the forest flourishes. If the forest flourishes, the birds flourish.”

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